Head - Tension / Migraine  Headache  ( Sleeping Issue)

Should I see a doctor before come to our clinic ?

According Davidoff 1995, migraine headache is a paroxysmal neurological disorder with many signs and symptoms.  If your symptoms includes any one of following - Aura, nausea, vomiting, fever or associated with temperature changing, please consult with GP first .

If your headache is associated with stress or posture we are able to help you. 

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General Experiences

People have headaches while under stress such as family issues or work pressure.  Often patients would feel tight neck & shoulder muscles as well.

In 1983 Travell Simons demonstrates that trigger points in muscles can cause head and neck pain. In addition muscle tension is associated with peoples posture and a bad posture could lead to headaches.  A study points out that 26 out of 27 people suffering headaches had postural dysfunctions.(Cady, Fox, 1995).

What can our clinic do ?

Our clinic provides many techniques which enables you to reduce tensions of neck muscles and tension headache.  

Our patients sometimes  booking evening sessions, due to our treatment is often able to improve their sleep quality.

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